SEA-DR 8 International Conference
Southeast Asia  Design Research  (SEA-DR) International Conference is an annual conference held in the Southeast Asia region with the aim of developing the design research field in Education. The conference also aims to disseminate research results related to design research both for policy interests and for practical use in their application in various educational disciplines.
The 8th SEA DR will provide excellent opportunities for academics, lecturers, teachers, students, educators, researchers, and educational stakeholders to share knowledge and research findings and to promote best practices in design research. The topic of interest covers all theoretical and practical aspects of design research in the fields of teaching and education in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, sports, languages, management, economics, and other social sciences.

STEACH 2 International Conference
It is high time to extract the thoughts to get enlightenment of the intersection between science, technology, knowledge, culture, and humanities. This is the result of interdisciplinary knit among different fields in life and science that cause human beings to interact with each other in their respective mode, channel, and media to create a discourse.
The increasingly complex life of civilization requires practical and pragmatic skills to win the battle of discourse in order to be recognized and to be trusted as mainstream culture. Science is a source of inspiration and aspiration in carrying out the mission of civilization since it provides a concrete framework of action, a milestone of human history. Technology, which was developed later than science, aligns science and its application in life. Education, then, becomes a key role to the successful integration of science and technology in seeking and developing how action in life is framed and discussed. It is supposed to be taken into consideration in order to pave the concrete steps in culture and society.
Likewise, art is the fruit of the sense and the thought that underpins the beauty and the meaning of life. On the one hand, culture is a concrete platform that underlies science and technology. It is of course developed under the support of art, which then embodies itself into a package of tools to make people more civilized and cultured. While on the other hand, human beings could find their being whenever they are able to accommodate those different sides into a harmonious strive of the works of science, technology, education, arts, culture, and humanity. Thus, what human needs in life are the work of science, technology, education, arts, culture, and his/her humanity sense.
Universitas Negeri Surabaya (Unesa) was formerly known as Surabaya Institute of Teacher Training (IKIP Surabaya). IKIP Surabaya produced teachers, and thus Unesa is now also cultivating teachers for the empowerment of society’s development. Hence, Unesa is now acknowledged as a comprehensive university. The university cultivates both educational study programs and pure science-based study programs. The Graduate School of Universitas Negeri Surabaya (Pascasarjana Unesa) is an educational higher education that takes care of master's degrees (Master of Education) and doctoral degrees (Ph.D.) in education. Its mission is to cultivate scientists in educational fields to fulfill the requirements of the world of education nationally and internationally. 

Joint Conference: SEA-DR 8 dan STEACH 2
the International Education Conference on Science, Technology, Education, Arts, Culture, and Humanity (STEACH) which was first held on 29 October 2018, will be combined with SEA DR for the second year of STEACH.

Scope of SEA-DR 8: Design/Development Research in Education
The topic of interest covers all theoretical and practical aspects of design research in the fields of teaching and education in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, sports:
  • Design/Developmental Research in Mathematics, Science, and Sport Science Education*
  • Design/Developmental Research in Social Science Education
  • Design/Developmental Research in Educational Science          

Scope of STEACH 2: Interdisciplinary Research in Education
  • Science for education includes, but is not limited to, natural science education, mathematics education, mathematics for education, physical education, chemistry education, biology for education, biochemistry education, sport science education, etc.
  • Technology for education discusses all related topics which support educational dimensions, but is not limited to, such as computer for education, media in education, flipped classroom technology, biotechnology in education,techno-preneurship education, etc.
  • Educational science. This strand will discuss all related topics which have a close relationship to the educational world, but are not limited to, such as vocational education, special education, educational technology, early childhood education, educational management, non-formal education, teaching methodology, etc.
  • Arts for education. This strand will discuss all topics which contribute to the development of arts for education such as liberal art education, graphic design in the educational world, multimedia and education, etc.
  • Cultural education. This strand will talk about all topics which have a relationship with culture and education such as cultural awareness, popular culture and its contribution to the educational world, gender-based education, anthropology and education, political education, etc.
  • Humanities and education: all related topics of humanity and education which include, but are not limited to: language and culture for education, language maintenance education, literary teaching, and methodology, philosophical education, linguistics for education, multicultural education, sexuality and gender in education, etc.